A day in my life as consultant @ Accenture


How I put change in motion

As a Cloud Consultant in Accenture Technology, I develop and deliver cloud architecture solutions to meet today’s growing demand for agile and cost-effective computing.

I help our clients identify and translate business and functional requirements and present how various technologies can be deployed to deliver cloud transformations. I also work with implementing solutions within various domains in the cloud. This often means that I need to have a solid and deep understanding of all services cloud providers can offer.

The most exciting project I have worked on at Accenture is a large global e-commerce migration to the cloud. This project had all the components to make it fun, challenging, and interesting. The project was diverse with various teams working together across the globe.

A day in my life

A typical day at Accenture starts with a brief with my team. We discuss how things are progressing and plan the day’s work. This is also the time where potential concerns are raised. Then I continue with the tasks that I have in my backlog for the current sprint. A sprint is usually two weeks where we aim at accomplishing the target for that sprint. Throughout the day, I also have some meetings with different stakeholders and teams.

I usually split my work hours throughout the day and work out at the gym during lunchtime. Leaving the work to exercise ensures that I have a break from work and a chance to recharge during the day.

I also make sure to allocate time to work with new technologies, tasks that requires more effort such as programming or implementing new features. This often happens in the evening when I am at my sharpest. Yes, I am a night owl.

What I like the most about working at Accenture is the work we do. It is a global company with diverse people that are highly motivated and 100 % committed to their work.

I feel that I am working in a dynamic environment where I have the chance to take advantage of various opportunities to shape my career, so I definitely think that Accenture is a great place to kick off your career. If I look back at 2014 when I start my career at Accenture and compare it to now, I can definitely say that I’ve achieved a lot professionally and as a person.

In my spare time, I exercise a lot. Physical exercise is important for both my physical and mental health. This has helped me to stay disciplined and handle stress in a better way. I am also a big fan of technology and often have some projects going on. Everything from Smart Home Automations to 3D-printing. I also enjoy lying on the couch, listening to a good podcast, or watching a movie.

“I feel that I’m working in a dynamic environment where I have the chance to take advantage of various opportunities to shape my career.”

My advice

During your first few years of consulting, you will probably be floating between industries, areas, and clients. Therefore, I highly recommend that you start developing skills that allow you to differentiate yourself from all your peers – be the “go-to-guy”.Focus on what you like the most, and make sure that you get the chance to work with that. If you are passionate about technology, combine it with some private projects that are fun! Maybe you have an idea about an app that you always wanted to build? Do it! You will benefit from it in your profession.Keep attention to the detail, this is how you build trust with clients and colleagues.And lastly, do not be afraid to ask. Asking questions is at the core of how a consultant works. Questions help to ensure that you understand what you are being asked to do and the issues your client is facing.