Mixy – Cocktail Robot


  • Mixy - Cocktail Robot

  • 2018-11-26

Mixy is controlled via Google Home Voice Assistant, and will serve you an alcohol-free drink based on your choice from the menu on the right hand side.

Mixy is integrated with Google Assistant (portrayed on your left), which will make her ask questions to determine what drink you desire (or if you would like her to surprise you and decide for herself), and keep you entertained meanwhile the drink is prepared.

Mixy is equipped with eight bottles, containing different ingredients to make your drink.

Depending on your drink of choice, Mixy will use her eight pumps to distribute the different ingredients, based on pre-configured percentages, e.g. 75 % water, 15 % cranberry juice and 10 % lemon/lime.

The Google software is integrated with the Mixy hardware, providing a seamless user experience, making drinks only based on voice commands.

Mixy interacts in different ways depending on your questions and answers, and makes sure that you are kept entertained throughout the process, for example giving you a news flash, a weather update based on your zip code or cracking a joke.